Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Things I still need to do if I'm going to be ready

Things are starting to fall in place. I finished a pair of socks. I got the yarn for the hat I still have to make. And the second glove is well underway, except some of the stitches came loose when I was taking out the scrap yarn that was supposed to be holding them. That's fixed and ready for the second attempt. Later today.

I have a bunch of errands to do today, starting with taking my cat Patrick to the vet for his annual physical and booster shots. That'll be fun. And then to Kaiser to pick up a prescription refill for me. And I can't find my 10.5 dpns so I'll probably go get some of those so I can start that hat. And then it's on to the market.

I always bake some quick breads to take with me to Lisa's house on Christmas morning. I've been wanting some pumpkin bread so that's on the list. And some carrot bread which is the one I use for people who don't like nuts. And some zucchini bread. So I need to get some basic ingredients like flour and sugar since I don't usually have those things in my cupboard anymore. And I need a couple of ducks because that's what my friend Robert wants for Christmas.

I still need a few things for Lisa but I'm not saying what since she reads this blog. And of course there's the wrapping.

I guess there's more to do than I thought. But it will happen.


lexa said...

Wrapping... my hoodlums stay up so late that I have to stay up even later so I can wrap their stuff! I still have a couple of things to buy. I am at work, and thankfully my Toys R Us order just arrived by courier! Relief!

Anonymous said...



Monika said...

R. doesn't seem to want ducks! I'm sorry, but seeing this comment, I had to laugh. Could you, if you have time (no hurry) post recipes of your three breads? They sound delicious, and I've not heard of them, except on your blog ( I think even last year). Anyway, you've got a lot to do still, hope it's not too stressful!