Thursday, December 06, 2007

Just a few more things to finish

We're having our knitting group holiday party tonight. I think I'm covered for that. So long as no one shows up that hasn't responded to the invitation. That happens.

I've spent the past couple of days looking at Trifle recipes. I never did find the one I used a long time ago (and it was a lot of work) so I ended up with a fairly quick and easy version. Got up early this morning and put it all together so it has time to firm up. And then I wrapped all the gifts for this evening. Well, bagged them is more accurate.

I made another Tilted Squares scarf yesterday because I needed one more gift. And now I'm about halfway through one of the cabled scarves from One Skein using some of the Blue Sky Organic Cotton. It's nice when you have the yarn that's called for. I'm probably going to make it longer since I have the yarn.

I hope I remember to take my camera tonight.

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