Monday, December 10, 2007

What's on your wish list?

I'm almost done with my holiday knitting. Finished, temporarily, another scarf last night. I made one of the scarves from One Skeinbut I don't like the cables at the end. They're supposed to be mirror images but mine don't look so hot. I'll look at the scarf again tonight and them decide if I want to reknit that part.

There's still a pair of socks that and 75% done. I'll work on those today while I'm at A Stitch in Time. I have to find that second skein of Jitterbug just in case. Next up is a pair a gloves and a ribbed hat.

I don't have a wish list other than the books I've listed on Amazon. I like surprises and I can't think of anything that I want. Some Addi lace needles would be nice. I also like nice soaps. I think I'm pretty easy. I still have two people to buy for that I have no ideas of what to get. Other than that I'm done. Well, there is the wrapping.

Thanks, L, for the funny serviettes.


Anonymous said...

Are at least some of the books you want at Unravelled? Inquiring minds want to know!


lexa said...

That napkin is too funny -- that's what my husband would like for Christmas, I'm sure! Well, probably a flat would be more like it.