Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy Feet!

Plymouth Yarns has a new sock weight yarn called Happy Feet. I just happened to be in a yarn shop when the rep came in. She had samples of all the colors but I chose these two for myself. The yarn is 90% merino and 10% nylon. It's very soft. I'm not sure how it will hold up but it sure feels nice. You need two skeins for a pair of socks.

So far I've only seen this yarn at Unraveled but the rep says that several shops in and around Pasadena have ordered it for their stock.

It'll be a couple of weeks before I can sample this yarn. There's still some other stuff that needs to be finished by next Tuesday.


Mauren Mureaux said...

What are the names or numbers of the colorways? The brownish one looks like it's right up Deb's alley. Heck, both of them do!

unraveledgal said...

Can't wait to bring mine home.

Anonymous said...

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