Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Knitting break

A break from knitting actually. I didn't knit a single stitch yesterday. I had planned to. Even took some socks with me when I went to Lisa's house for our annual gift opening ritual. But it didn't happen. There just wasn't any time available.

But there was knitting related stuff. Just look at that pile of books. Every book I had on my Amazon wish list showed up in my Christmas haul.

From the top:

Knitspeak Andrea Berman Price
Knitter's Almanac Elizabeth Zimmermann
The Ultimate Sock Book Vogue Knitting
Runway Knits Berta Karapetyan
101 Designer one-skein wonders
Judith Durant
The Knitter's Book of Yarn Clara Parkes
Knitting Classic Style Veronik Avery
Indigo Knits Jane Gottelier

My knitting break may extend a while longer. Not a complete break though. I've already started a scarf for next year's gift stash.


Monika said...

Oh, wow, what a great haul! Are you taking a knitting break, because you have to read those books, or just because you need a break from knitting?

lexa said...

You won't have time to knit for awhile because you'll be looking at all of those great books!

I technically didn't get anything knitty for Christmas. BUT... I am ordering a swift that is just a late present. Also shortly before Christmas I got two skeins of Cherry Tree Hill that were secreted away before anyone saw it. I will class those as Christmas gifts, too.

I did start a pair of socks last night. Well, I guess they were started Christmas Eve, but most of the knitting done so far happened last night. Dad's birthday is Sunday, so I'm trying to get them finished for then.

Enjoy your books!

sue said...

I wouldnt be knitting either with all those great books to look through. I just received my copy of EZ Knitter's Almanac this morning and have been reading through it already. I love the little stories she tells in all of her chapters. Glad that you had a really lovely xmas too.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, I'm jealous - look at all those books. Santa must have thought you were very good this year - which is true, as your many friends will attest!

Happy Knitting New Year!


mehitabel said...

Can we hope for a little review on the books after you've been through them? I am interested in Indigo Knits, have it on my amazon wish list, but would love to get some other opinions before buying it!

Anonymous said...

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