Friday, December 28, 2007

Final Friday

Well, here it is almost the end of the year. I don't have much of anything new to write today. I worked a lot on my Fiesta scarf yesterday and only have seven rows of K2, P2 ribbing plus the bind off to go. That may happen today, depending on how busy I am at A Stitch in Time. I'm going to a party tonight so there won't be any knitting time this evening.

I made another pumpkin bread yesterday morning using a different recipe. I took it to knit night last night and it was heartily approved. There was also some zucchini bread from the batch I made last week. Likewise approved. So I think that's it for the baking this year. Except for some brownies I'll probably make tomorrow.

I haven't made any definite lists yet but I'm thinking I will. I'd like to see if I can select a few, say maybe five, projects for the coming year. And then see if I can stick to the list. So far I just have some vague inklings of what I'd like to knit. How about you? Anything definite for the coming year?


Monika said...

There's no list of certain patterns for me so far. I know I would like to work through my knitting books, which I said before. I bought magazines for a specific pattern, and I'd like to do that too. I guess the Koolhaas hat is a certainty.

lexa said...

My definite right now is Monika's Sakura Cherry Blossom Shawl. The yarn is wound and ready to go. Also I'm trying an Elenka sweater pattern (knit with Patons Shetland Chunky) for the store. The boss and the other lady that works there have knit several over the years, so I'll have help if I need it. It will be nice to knit something that only requires grafting under the arms! I hate seaming. It will also give me more practice with stranded knitting. And I'll still be knitting socks, of course!