Monday, December 31, 2007

Winding up, winding down

How do you like my crown?

My street is filling up with RVs and vans. People are pouring in from all over to line up for the chance to view the Rose Parade. It makes for a lot of noise and disruption. Getting out of my driveway is a high-risk adventure.

I'll be at A Stitch in Time for part of the day. We're closing early but I don't know how early. I have a few people that have said they'll be in. I have some patterns and books to share and a sock or two to work on. It will be a pleasant way to end the year.

Here's Lisa wearing the finally finished Chevron Scarf. I'm not sure I'd ever make another one of these even though I got lots of compliments when I was knitting it. I don't know. I might. Two skeins of Colinette Jitterbug and some US5 needles. And it is pretty mindless so is a great take-a-long project.

Another Jitterbug project. The plain socks from the ball band. I had to buy a second skein to finish these because I made the legs longer than the pattern allowed. But I have enough left for some ruffle topped anklets. These were knit using US1.5 (2.5mm) and are quite firm. They should last forever.

The finished fingerless gloves. They fit really well and are doing the job of keeping her hands warm. I hope I don't get any more calls for gloves with fingers, half or otherwise.

I finished the Fiesta scarf but I'm waiting for some sunshine. And I have some new stuff to share tomorrow.

Meanwhile, a happy new year to one and all. I'll be home minding my knitting tonight. Wild parties are definitely a thing of the past.


lexa said...

I, unfortunately, probably won't have any time to knit today. I work til 5, pick up pizza for supper, tidy up the house, then get ready to go out. I'd just be as happy to stay home. but husband HAS to go out New Years Eve.

Enjoy your evening! Give Patrick a New Year's scratch for me. Hope the neighborhood isn't too noisy tonight. The noisiest my area gets is usually some gunshots (just shotguns in the air!), and the neighbors across the street usually set off fireworks.

sue said...

All the knitting looks wonderful. How festive wearing a party hat whilst you knit. I hope you have a wonderful happy New Year too.

Emma said...

All the best for 2008 !

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Larry! Love the crown - did you get it in your Christmas crackers? We were just in your neighborhood, doing our annual drive down Colorado Boulevard from west to east to see all the cameras, campers and general mayhem - and to feel glad that we're not sleeping on the curb tonight! Best from Rena, Travis and Darcy!

mehitabel said...

Here's wishing you a happy new year with lots of fun knitting! And hey, if you want a wild party, just open your window... Is it just me, or does the crowd seem much larger this year? I'll be watching from the comfort of my sofa, in HD with no windchill factor!

rachael said...

Happy New Year, my friend! And kiss Patrick's head for me, please.

Bess said...