Friday, November 24, 2006

The street in front of my condo is empty today. There are no classes at the community college so no vans or SUVs are blocking the view as I try to exit my driveway. I think everyone is at the mall already. When I went for my morning walk the parking lot at Michael's was full. It wasn't even seven o'clock yet. I don't get it. What's so great about going out before daylight to spend money on stuff you could get anytime? Are the deals really that good? Or is it just part of the holiday hype that makes everyone think they need to do this?

I used to work for a major retail store. Back in the day, we didn't open early the day after Thanksgiving but shoppers still got everything bought. I wonder if it really makes that much difference in the day's take. I'd much rather shop on-line.

So. How was your Thanksgiving? I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. I didn't overdo it this year, except for the second dessert. And there's a surfeit of leftovers in my fridge including some delicious pumpkin soup. So tonight, when I get home from my last Friday at Skein, I'll be able to just heat up a few things and relive yesterday's gourmand experience.

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