Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy (foggy) Thanksgiving!

Happy (foggy) Thanksgiving!

This morning we've got fog. It's lovely. Especially since we've been having really warm weather lately. It appears that things will cool off for the next few days. For which I'm thankful.

Not much for me to do today in the way of Thanksgiving preparations. I bought the wine a week ago. That's my contribution to the event. Robert insists on doing all the cooking. Another thing for which I'm grateful. I can cook but I don't enjoy it anymore. I plan to spend some time going through stash and trying to restore some kind of order. At least to the stuff that's on shelves in my living room. I was going to try to get my laundry done but someone else beat me to the machines. I think it's the people that are moving out today. What a way to spend the holiday! But they've managed to buy a house after the husband won a bunch of money on a TV game show. Anyway, since I can't do laundry, I'll just relax until it's time for me to head over to Santa Monica for dinner.

Why is it than when you're knitting lace the yarn over you forgot is almost always at the beginning of the previous row? I'm knitting a lace shawl, not from the new Victorian Knitting Today but from Nancie Wiseman's Knitted Shawls, Stoves and Scarves. I do have the VKT on order (from it hasn't arrived as yet. Maybe tomorrow. I'm hoping to have the shawl done before Christmas but at the rate I'm going it may not be this particular Christmas.

Here's to everyone, celebrants or not. Have a happy Thanksgiving Day!

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