Friday, November 10, 2006

alea iacta est or in some versions alea est jacta. Take your pick. Either way I have made a decision and implemented it. I will be leaving Skein at the end of November. My last day will be the 29th.

I told Ann Mary this morning. I know she was disappointed but at the same time not too surprised. And she did say that she had concluded that she would not be able to honor her initial committment to match the offer I had from the new shop.

Really, it's not primarily about the money except indirectly. I will be able to work far fewer hours and earn more. And I'm tired of the strain of the daily routine. It will take a while for me to reestablish myself at the new shop. I've promised not to make a big deal about leaving so I'm sure some people, those who don't come in very often, will be surprised. Ann Mary did refer one person to me yesterday while I was working at the new shop. So maybe she'll continue to do that once I've left.

So now it's on to the holiday knitting.

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