Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Oh my sock! My beautiful sock! Fated to live alone. Incomplete and unmated. Off to join all the other projects that never lived to see their full potential.

People love this sock. They cheer when they see it. It's my first sock done with non-sock yarn. Art Yarns Supermerino 8. I've worked on it for several months. It was nearly done at one point but then I discovered a hole that couldn't be denied. So I ripped it back to before the heel flap and reworked it to where you see it now.

I was just thinking about how I would be able to finish this pair in plenty of time for a Christmas gift. The second ball of yarn is no where to be found. I've looked in all my project bags. I've checked all the stuff stacked on the dining table. It's just not here. Upset doesn't begin to cover how I feel.

I'm going to give it a few more days, hoping the other skein will turn up. If not I'll just have to make something else. But these socks were what I wanted. If anyone knows where that other skein is just let me know. No questions asked.

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