Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Yesterday was the beginning of another round of Dulaan knitting. I finished a hat that I had started a few weeks ago and put it in the plastic box. Sorry. No picture because I forgot my camera. I think I mentioned that we're also going to be making an afghan to donate locally. I started a rectangle and like what I'm doing but I forgot to write down the stitch pattern. I forget a lot these days. So I'll have to look it up when I see my friends later today.

This is my last day of vacation and I'm spending it trying to get caught up on laundry. It took five days for the service company to get here and repair our washer so there are lots of people waiting for their turn. I'm also waiting to hear from the plumber. If he doesn't show this time I have the name and a recommendation for a different one but I don't know when I could schedule that since I'll be working full time for at least two weeks.

I'll finish at least one sock this morning and get started on its mate. And I'm really curious about the hemp yarn I got last week. So that may get wound and swatched. Mostly I'll just try to stay cool and get some chores done.

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