Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Well, let's see. Aside from the slightly cooler temperatures there hasn't been much change around here. It was really nice last night to turn off the a/c and to even consider using a sheet to cover for a change. If it wasn't for the cat I'd probably be able to leave the air off today. I've been really surprised at how well the old a/c works. It took a couple of days but it's finally managed to cool the room to the point that I thought I might need to switch it to "low cool", but I didn't.

Ann Mary didn't come back to work yesterday. I think she'll be in for a while today. It'll be nice to have her back. It's taking a while for her to get her strength back after her surgery.

I'm having some thumb issues so knitting hasn't been all that pleasant since Monday. I've finished a couple of pieces for our afghan and have started another one. Just don't feel like handling anything that puts much weight on my left hand.

I had to call HP in India. HP must be getting complaints about the difficulty of understanding their representatives. The woman I was speaking with kept asking me if I could understand what she was saying. It took three times before I understood what she was saying. She wanted to know if I was satisfied or completely satisfied with the results of our conversation. How do you answer that? Especially since I don't have an answer yet. A supervisor is supposed to call me. Or that's what I think she said.

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