Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mumble, mumble, freaking plumber! I need to adjust my belief structure. I waited and waited. I finally tracked him down. "Oh, I'm not coming."

"We had an appointment."

"I'm not coming."

By the time this happened it was too late for me to do much else. I had wanted to join the Pasadena Daytimers over at Zephyr for their weekly get together. Too late for that. I did make one house call, or office call, to help someone with a buttonhole band.

Stayed home all evening and finished the bright striped socks that I showed yesterday. And swatched some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. I'm thinking about making the Embossed Leaves socks from last fall's Interweave Knits but I need to figure out how to make them a bit fuller and longer.

So I'm home most of today. The plan was to do laundry. The machine, the brand new washer, is broken again. That's about four times since it was installed a couple of months ago. So I won't be doing laundry. I'm so grumpy I may have to go yarn shopping. But I'm doing that tomorrow. So I guess I'll just start another pair of socks.

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