Monday, July 24, 2006

Blogger was down this morning so I couldn't post. Not that there's a lot to post. I'm sure everyone has heard about the heat wave, if you're not experiencing it yourself.

I left my a/c on all night and this morning it was almost too cool in the living room, the only room that benefits directly. Knowing that it was going to get hot again I left it on. Right now, if I don't move too much, it's cool in here. I need to do some laundry but I don't want to go back out again today. Maybe next week will be cooler.

Not much on the knitting front. Except I'm working full time for one more week. Ann Mary came in for a couple of hours on Friday and Saturday and will be back full time this week. I'll be there in case she needs to go sit in the back and rest for a while.

It was 109F here on Saturday, one degree short of the record 110F that was set in 1934. We did have a few customers early in the day, and I had two students, but after around 3 o'clock there was no one. I had a hard time staying awake but I did manage a lot on the current sweater project. I hope to finish the front this week and get started on the sleeves. No rush as this one won't be needed for a few more months.

Today was our Dulaan knitting day. There were only four of us. A couple of people who had planned to be there had to stay home due to weather related problems. One who had been without power for 36 hours and another one whose a/c quit over the weekend and had to stay home for the repair guys. I finished a small hat that I had started yesterday and then worked a while on my first piece for the afghan we're doing. I'm going to finish that one tonight and start another one. Don't know what stitch pattern I'm going to use yet.

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