Friday, July 28, 2006

Ann Mary came back to work yesterday. Things are back to normal. It's been a little busier the past couple of days. I've started a new project for the shop, a vest done in some GGH yarn, and we're starting to talk about where we're going to put the new fall yarns that are already beginning to arrive.

I'm just one row short of starting the neck shaping on my cotton/linen tweed sweater. Then about twenty rows and I'll be able to put the shoulders together and cast on for the sleeves. I had thought I'd get that far last night at Thursday night knitting but somehow I never get as much done when I'm there as I think I will. Stopping to talk, to admire someone's new yarn or project, a helping hand here and there and time out for dessert. But anyway I made some progress and will be closing in on finishing this sweater in the next few weeks.

It's about ten or twelve degrees cooler here than it was this time last week. Even my cat is noticing the difference. He was leaping from chair to chair last night, which he hasn't done in weeks, and even showed a little interest in playing our string game. So things are looking up. Now if HP would just call me back so we could resolve our issue. They owe me money.