Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I need to work on my resolve more. Every morning I resolve that I will go for my walk by 6AM. Then it becomes a struggle between reading just one more blog and going and getting dressed to go out. Usually blog reading wins.

Because the cat wasn't as insistent as usual this morning I managed an extra half hour of sleep. Then I thought I'd just read a few blogs. It was after seven before I got out the door. It is a few degrees cooler today so the heat wasn't so bad but it would have been so much nicer an hour earlier. Maybe tomorrow I'll do better.

I worked intermittently on my sweater yesterday. More inter than mittent. So even though it's twelve rows longer it doesn't look much different that it did a few weeks ago. I wasn't the teacher yesterday. There's someone else who does that on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I'm not normally there. So the one person who came in looking for help went to her. It's been really quiet recently and yesterday was no exception. Until around three o'clock when it got pretty busy for about an hour and that turned the day into a good one. One of our fairly regular customers has discovered the joy of making felted animals, hedgehogs, sheep, llamas, you name it, and she needed some wool to felt as well as some "fur" to go along with it. Several hundred dollars later her birthday money was used up and she'd added a bit to one of her cards. And I sold a couple of baby blankets and a christening wrap.

Had a couple of friends drop in for brief visits. And worked some on my socks. Progress but not photo interesting. Besides I still have to install the new camera, and replace the USB cord since the one I have doesn't fit the new camera. And it's still too hot to be moving furniture around.

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