Thursday, July 07, 2005

So, what's new?

So, what's new?

We've already received a lot of the new fall yarns, especially from Berroco. Along with their newest pattern books. I don't remember when I've see Ann Mary so excited about new stuff. Some of it is pretty neat. You can see it at here along with pictures of the new patterns and get some free patterns at the same time.

Skein got some samples along with the shipment and I'm making an addtional sample. It's a child's skirt made from Suede, the waistband, and Bling Bling for the skirt itself. I hadn't worked with Suede before. It's pretty nice stuff but the six inches of 1X1 rib is taking a long time. This is probably going to get in the way of my finishing the two scarves I'm making for my new pattern blog. I may just use what I have and pretend they're full length.

We also got a big shipment from Brown Sheep. I know the felters will be glad about that. There's some Lamb's Pride, worsted and bulky, and some Nature Spun worsted. There are some new colors in the Nature Spun that I'd like to get for myself but I'm waiting to see what else comes in before I spend my store credits. Unless I change my mind.

Shrugs seem to be the hot new thing. At least around here. We're getting lots more calls for them now even though ponchos still sell well. I know. Not exactly cutting edge. I'm trying to put together a simple shrug pattern for the shop but there are so many variations that I'm having trouble narrowing it down to just one basic pattern. So I'll probably do a couple. First I have to find out which yarns Ann Mary wants to use. And find the time to knit them.

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