Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Lassitude and other excuses

Lassitude and other excuses

For years and years I have maintained that the weather doesn't affect my knitting. I thought it was a foolish idea to let something like hot weather interfere with my knitting. I would even knit a wool sweater in the middle of summer just to prove my point. That's just not the case this year.

This heat has produced such a level of lassitude and lethargy that I can't even begin to pick up my at-home knitting. I do manage while I'm in the air conditioned comfort of Skein. But even then it seems like I can't get really excited about it. I am working on the shop sample shrug but I have enough students that progress is slow. Ergo, not much to write about.

I tried starting a new project just to see it that would get me going. Nothing. I put it down after just a few rows and there it sits, on top of all the other projects that I can't bring myself to pick up. My ancient air conditioner just isn't up to the task of really cooling off my living room. Even with its best efforts there's still just too much humidity. So I guess it will join the list of things that just don't work right anymore, along with my car and my knees.

I've pretty much decided that I'm not going to the Knitters Retreat this year. I'll probably keep waffling about this for some time yet. I had a grand time last year and I have been looking forward to going again this year. But, having put my decision before the board of fiscal reality and examining my own fear of flying and all the other stuff, I've decided that I'll skip it this year. Maybe next year, once I have a new car, air conditioner and maybe a replacement for the broken VCR, and provided the creeks don't rise, I will once again join the good ladies and good friends. I'm already regretting this decision but I think it's the right one for now. I think I'll go knit on a sock. Maybe that will help.

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