Wednesday, July 06, 2005



After a night of explosions and screeching rockets Patrick is exhausted and is sleeping soundly, contented as though nothing had happened. He is a little strange this evening though. I wish I knew what he was trying to tell me. I've done all the things he usually wants and he's still meowing as though there's something else I'm supposed to understand. He probably just wants more treats, even though I've pointed out repeatedly that he's already had his treats for today. It does worry me though that there might be something wrong.

Today started off pretty slowly. Ann Mary and I had both had our lunch before things began to pick up. It never did get wild though. I had a good group of students. Four of the five knew each other from previous classes. That's part of the fun of teaching on a drop-in basis. You can never tell what the mix is going to be. And it makes it easier for me to work with one individual while the others entertain themselves.

And I realized that as long and Rowan keeps writing patterns the way they do I'll never have to worry about a job. And Debbie Bliss. And Sirdar. Rowan at least has schematics. The other two don't. I like schematics and charts. I know some people don't, but to me it's so much easier to see where you're going when you have a map.

I started a second sample for what will become my first pattern. I might be far enough along by the end of the week to post it. I'm excited.

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