Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Pretty boring post

Pretty boring post

Not a whole lot to write about. It was a long, hot, muggy day and still is, even after midnight. I spent all day indoors only going out long enough to pick up my daily load of "free gift" offers and assorted other junk mail.

Patrick, as you know, is a long hair. He does not do well at all in this kind of heat. I brushed him three times today, per his request. Each time I got masses of hair. He's not very interested in playing either. Right now he's just stretched out in front of the fan trying to sleep.

I worked a lot on one of my scarf projects. I just joined the third and final skein. I did have to stop for the evening though. I worked so much on the skirt for Skein last week that I'm having a bit of a problem with my wrist and thumb. Nothing new. I just know I need to stop for a while. So I'm not as far along as I hoped to be but I'm making progress.

I spent some time going through Barbara Walker's Treasury of Knitting Patterns, volumes one and two. These are amazing books. I've had them for years and they never cease to entertain and even inspire. I started a lace pattern scarf a couple of days ago that is taken directly from one of her stitch patterns. Only needed to add a garter stitch border, et voila! Instant designer. If only I had time to try them all.

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