Monday, July 04, 2005

Charles Ives would have loved this

Charles Ives would have loved this

The late night and early morning low clouds and fog have begun to lift and the day is beginning to warm up. Just as it should on the Fourth of July. The local classical, member supported, radio station is featuring all kinds of patriotic music, mostly by American composers. That means we get lots of Charles Ives' compositions. They just played "Variations on America" which is one of my favorites.

In additon to listening to all that fervent marching and parade music I'm doing the other traditional Monday thing, laundry. I did most of my holiday celebrating on Saturday night when Lisa came over for the evening, and some more last night when I went to my friend Robert's house for dinner. Patrick is not enjoying his holiday so much. All those explosions are just not what he's used to. So I'll be staying close tonight to help him cope. As it is, he's already clinging to me in a very uncharacteristic way.

I finished the shrug that I was working on last week and Lisa took it home with her, along with the funky black shawl. I had to re-tie the fringe and it looks a lot better. I'm hoping Lisa will take some pictures and send them to me so I'll be able to post them later. The shrug wasn't a good fit with what she was wearing on Saturday night so I didn't get a photo then.

I've also finished the knitting part of the Habu hand bag. I'll be blocking that later today and getting it sewn together. Ann Mary seems to big on handbags this season. She ordered some kits from Bagsmith and has already started on one of them. I don't know what she has planned for me after I finish the Habu bag. I hope it's a little more interesting to work.

Meanwhile, even though I have lots of other stuff I could be working on, I've started a new scarf.

I got the yarn about four years ago when I went to a weaving show and sell. It's called Andito but I have no other information except it's made in Italy. There's no yardage shown on the ball band so I'm making a scarf until I run out.

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