Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Everybody says bling bling

Everybody says bling bling

This is the child's skirt that I finished last week for Skein. Would you pay $78US for the yarn for a skirt for a four year old? If the answer is yes, Ann Mary would like to talk to you. Actually, I cut the cost by $30 because I didn't need to open the second skein of Suede or the third skein of Bling Bling, both Berroco yarns. I had enough to work the waistband to the six inches in the pattern directions. The skirt is about one half an inch short. But you get the idea. Besides that bind off will curl no matter what. But it's what the pattern called for and I almost never change a pattern when I'm making a shop pattern, unless there's a serious math error or something like that.

I told Ann Mary that I thought only a grandmother would make this skirt, because of the cost. She disagreed. She said if the mother was working she would spend that much money. I think that's too much bling bling for the Bling Bling. But what do I know?

There's at least one other yarn company that has a yarn with this name. I forget if it's Patons or Lion Brand, but it's nothing like the Berroco. But the name seems to be catchy enough that it sells. I've certainly seen and heard plenty of customers get all giggly when they hear the name.

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