Tuesday, July 05, 2005



I had intended to work on my new scarf and some other projects today but I was just too restless. Instead I started a couple of new swatches. Then I decided I'd start a new blog for my patterns. I even managed to figure out how to add a link. It's over there in the right hand column.

There's nothing there right now. Except a brief intro. I'm not sure how to organize everything yet. I still have to play around with the template, not something I feel very secure doing. Anyway, I'll post here when I add something.

I had all my storage cubes assembled and filled with yarn. Then I tried to move them. They pretty much came apart. I didn't think about them being just snapped together. So I took all the yarn out and re-assembled the cubes where I wanted them to be and then reshelved everything. I still have the one that's holding mostly current projects to do but I haven't figured out where to put it yet. But I'm very pleased with the ones I have done. And it really opened up lots of floor space.

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