Thursday, July 21, 2005

Old and decrepit

Old and decrepit

but still valiant. That's my A/C. I finally gave in and turned it on. When it's 97F in the shade you just have to forget about how noisy and expensive it is to operate. It's only in the living room but I can survive.

The heat hasn't kept people away from Skein the past couple of days though. I went in a little early and was busy from the time I got there right up 'til time to leave. Taught sock heel turning to one, the importance of gauge swatches to another (after she had already learned the hard way), another one who keeps wrapping her yarn the wrong way around the needle and how to use crochet to finish a sweater to another.

And I learned all about different birthing techniques. Yesterday it was all about cloth diapers versus the disposable kind.

I didn't have time to take a lunch break so I brought my lunch home and had it for dinner instead of my usual Thursday night stop at Quizno's. There were three traffic lights that were not working, during rush hour, on my drive to the Thursday night group. It took about an extra forty five minutes to get to Monrovia so it was a good thing I didn't need to stop for dinner. We had a good time even though there were only four of us. I finished the collar of the new shrug. That's the hardest part. Well, not hard, but it has a huge number of stitches that you reduce by half once you've finished.