Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Too many projects?

Too many projects?

I started filling the new storage cubes. The one I'm working on now is holding some of my in progress projects. It's almost full. And these are just the ones that were sitting around my knitting chair. There's a whole other corner of the room that needs to be dealt with. That should be fun. All those things I've started and forgotten about. I'm sure some of them will be ripped and recycled. But until I see what's actually there I won't know which ones.

One of my friends read me a blurb from a book she's been reading. "When you can count the number of projects you have going you know it's time to start another one." Or something like that. I'm sure I could count the number of projects I have going but that would take too much time and totally disrupt my home. I don't mind knowing I have a lot of things in the works. I actually get a kick out of finding a project I've forgotten, in some cases, for years.

There was no time to knit at Skein yesterday. There was a yarn rep there when I arrived so that means that I cover the floor while AM gets to have all the fun, browsing and buying. I did get to see some of the new sock yarns that Skacel is offering this year. I'm not sure which ones AM settled on but I know she bought a lot. I've already started a special account so I can horde some more when it arrives in a few weeks.

Anyway. I had an all day sequence of students. One brand new knitter, two returnees and the rest were continuing on current projects. My five hour days are gradually expanding to six or seven hours. It's really cutting into my own knitting time.

I worked for about three hours last night on the new shrug. I'm more than halfway there but I'll really have to push if I'm going to finish by the weekend. I'm going to take it with me to Skein today even though it's not a shop project.

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