Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Patrick helps out

Patrick helps out

I don't have a lot of room for blocking. The living room floor is about the only space that's large enough, or clear enough. I had a couple of things that I'd been meaning to wash and block for quite some time.

Patrick had only ever seen me try to block once before and that time I gave up and didn't do it. So he was very curious about what was going on. He was especially interested in the pins. It took a few tries but he finally got the message that he wasn't to touch anything. He was a little sulky but agreed that he wouldn't bother the knitting.

But he just couldn't resist. I came back later to find him sleeping soundly but carefully between the two pieces. He stayed there a long time. Even when he got up to have his share of the frozen yogurt he was very cautious about where to step. He did have to be reminded a few times to leave the pins alone. This morning I watched him jump over the sweater rather than step on it. He's a pretty good guard cat.

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