Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Old dog

Old dog

I like to think that I can still learn new techniques, that it's just knitting after all, and I shouldn't have any problems. Sort of old dog/new tricks kind of thing.

I've been meaning to learn the short row heel. I've had Simple Socks by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts in my sock kntting book stash for a couple of years but had never really tried to apply her technique. Yesterday seemed like the perfect day to take it on. So between trips to the laundy room, and stops to play with the cat, I got started.

I don't have a picture. I ripped the whole mess for the third time about ten o'clock last night. Anyone familiar with this technique? I understand most of it but I got confused when the book says "The last stitch on each side will consume two yarn-overs." What does that mean? And what about that last stitch? I thought all the joining stitches consumed two yarn-overs plus the next stitch, except the first one. Have I totally misunderstood?

It looked pretty much the way I thought it would except I still had that line of lacy stitches. It was better than some short row heels I've tried but still not what I'm hoping for. I started working the foot and stopped. This just wasn't going to be okay. So I'm going to start over. Maybe a light will come on.

I was planning to have pictures of my Father's Day gift but that will have to wait. No time left to assemble it after spending eight hours on a heel.

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