Thursday, June 23, 2005

Habu any wool?

Habu any wool?

No. That's not a manta ray that I'm knitting. It's the long drawn out handbag that I making for Skein using Habu's silk and linen paper yarns. I can't begin to tell you how slowly it's growing. I need some wool or cotton to get back my perspective. (I was going to say mojo. Everyone seems to be using that word but I'm not sure exactly how it's supposed to be used so I'm not going to say mojo.)

At first it was fun to work with these yarns. Then it got a little less interesting. Now it's just plain boring. Not the yarn but the working with it. Each stitch has to be consciously formed so that I don't lose one of the strands. I cannot get up much speed.

I usually only work on Skein projects while I'm there. I took this along yesterday thinking it would be good filler between students. Well, I worked on it almost without interruption for eight hours. I managed about four inches. It was a very slow, long day. I'm now back to the narrow part that's going to become the handle of the bag. Looks like a few more days before I'll be steaming and blocking before assembly.

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