Monday, May 23, 2005

Mostly knitting stuff

Mostly knitting stuff

Here it is, the beginning of another week. And I actually have a couple of things finished.

Last summer Ann Mary, bless her little controlling heart, gave Lisa this scarf kit for her birthday. It was her plan that Lisa would want to learn to knit and that this was the perfect project for her debut. What AM doesn't get is that Lisa doesn't want, or ever intend, to learn to knit.

Anyway. This is probably scarf zero. The one that got the whole scarf rage going. You've probably seen their slightly titillating ads in some of the knitting ads. (Actually the ad is a throwback to a much older ad for Russian Leather cologne but you're probably not old enough to remember that.) You get a couple of skeins of yarn and some basic instructions. There's a strand of Victoria, the ribbon, and a strand of 100% angora, the fuzzy stuff. AM is always telling people that it's a two hour project. Well, it took about two and half hours to knit plus another half hour for the fringe so I guess if you were really fast you could do it in a couple of hours. I'm not that fast.

Lisa liked the scarf but since it was 95F here at six o'clock last night she decided she'd leave it with me so I could take a picture of it.

I also finished the mittens for the Dulaan project.

They're nothing special but aren't they cute? I've started a hat from the same yarn and I'll still have a couple of skeins left. Not enough for a scarf but maybe I'll combine it with something and make another sweater. I sure hope whoever gets these pieces isn't allergic to cats. Patrick is contributing lots of his fur to this project. He just wants to be a part of everything.

( I hope the pictures show up. Blogger is being a little iffy this morning.)

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