Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Down for maintenance

Down for maintenance

When I got home today and sat down to open Blogger, I got a screen that said "Down for maintenance." I wish I could do that. And I do have to do something like that. I need to cut back on my knitting and/or take more frequent breaks. Like every fifteen minutes or so. My arms are much better for having done very little knitting yesterday and, so far, today.

I could also use a sign that says "Take a number." Ann Mary always makes a big deal about having a teacher and drop-in classes. And I really appreciate that. What is a problem though is when everyone does drop in, at the same time. It was pretty slow most of today. Even our usual Tuesday lunchtime crowd didn't show. But around the middle of the afternoon we got very busy and three students showed up, all within about fifteen minutes of each other. One brand new and two with problems. I did have one other student in the morning. Actually she just needed me to fix her railroad yarn scarf. But when she started working on it I noticed that she purled combination style but made her knit stitches western. So we got that fixed as well.

I've been re-reading Annie Modesitt's Confessions of a Knitting Heretic. It's been very helpful. I don't think I would have spotted the problem my morning student was having if I hadn't been working through some of the same issues with other students, ones who learned to knit in Mexico or some of the eastern Mediterranean countries. I'm still sorting through some of the changes that need to be made when knitting combination and using a pattern written for western style. I'm even considering switching to combination as Annie says it's easier on the wrists.

Anyway, it ended up being a pretty good day for me and for Skein.

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