Friday, April 01, 2005

Three years and counting

Three years and counting

That's right! I've had this blog for three years. Actually a few days longer but I didn't know about archiving when I first started so I don't know the exact date. Somewhere around the middle of March but I observe April 1 as the date since that's as far back as I can document. Anyway, it's three years. That's almost all the time since I've been officially retired.

I'm the person for whom the phrase "the unexamined life" was coined. I don't spend a lot of time wondering about why I do or don't do things, or like or don't like things. I tend to just go with what feels good or seems right at the time. I don't watch television or listen to any music other than classical so I'm almost totally out of touch with a lot of pop culture stuff. I've never seen a reality program, or wondered what they're all about. Well, I've wondered but haven't been interested enough to find out. I have a few special friends that I really care about but most people fall into the acquaintances category. I am more reclusive than most people I know. When I do go out it's usually because someone has asked me and I go so as not to disappoint them. So it's really unlike me to have a blog. Something so public is just not what I'd expect of me.

The whole blogging thing has really expanded from where it was when I began, especially the knit blog community. I do read some blogs that aren't related to the knitting world but mostly I read knitters' blogs. On average I spend two or more hours a day just reading blogs. I leave comments occasionally. Lots of times I think about leaving a comment but hesitate out of a fear of rejection or think that it would be presumptuous. Yet I love getting comments and seeing my blog listed as a daily read or favorite on someone else's blog.

My blog is pretty plain when you come right down to it. There are some pretty fancy blogs out there and some that are very witty and entertaining. These people are either inately gifted or spend a lot of time thinking about what they're going to write. I am more likely to start a post not knowing what I'm going to say. I do take care not to offend or post anything that would intentionally hurt someone. I don't talk a lot about what goes on at Skein because someone was using what I wrote in a negative and destructive manner.

I've made some really good friends because of my blog. And I've actually met some of these people. And if my summer travel plans work out I'll be meeting more.

But three years is a long time. I'm probably going to cutting back on the amount of time I spend reading blogs as well as the frequency of my posts. I don't have any definite plan in mind. I love having a blog and I love it that people take the time to read it.

So I celebrated today. Instead of plain oatmeal I had oatmeal with brown sugar, raisins and real butter. I'd have added milk but the milk I have is so old that I'm afraid to open the container.

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