Monday, April 04, 2005

Palm Monday

Palm Monday

I know I've written before about how much I like the palm trees that line my street. I love the long, elegant line of their trunks and the raspy rustling of the fronds. When the breeze is just right the trees sway in a classic tropical paradise sort of way. Of course, like in most things, there's a downside. These particular trees don't actually bear fruit, except for the crunchy, messy seeds that drop from them once in a while. And on days like today when the wind is pretty fierce the dead fronds are blown off and into the street and yards. There have been several that have blown onto my roof where they land with a loud, unsettling bang. Patrick is freaking out. The street is a hazard for the cars parked along the curb or even just driving by. But it's fascinating to watch the trees and how much they can bend without actually breaking.

It's been great having two days off instead of the one day weekend that I'm used to. Yesterday I had lunch with a friend who is moving home to Michigan and then I came home and cleaned house for a while. Lisa came over for the evening. She needed to use my sewing machine and it was our bi-weekly dinner. I had finished one and half pair of gloves, the ones I showed early last week, and she tried them on. I was pleased with how they looked and she said they're really be perfect for her late-night keyboard sessions. I'm hoping to finish them tonight or sometime this week at least.

Today I've been yarn shopping. Went to Velona's in Anaheim Hills with one of my students. It's about a forty five minute drive but so worth it. I wasn't planning to buy anything but ended up with eight skeins of Kureyon and two hanks of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock yarn. After we had lunch we went to Unraveled in Monrovia and I got a skein of Reynold's Swizzle Sock Yarn and a circular needle. I'll probably have pictures tomorrow or later in the week.

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