Thursday, April 28, 2005

Better but not all

Better but not all

My wrist is much improved today, not that it's perferct, mostly due I think to how busy I was yesterday and didn't have time to do much knitting. I do have an appointment with my doctor for next week though. By then I'm sure she's just going to say "Why are you wasting my time?" Well, she won't actually say that but maybe she'll be thinking it. Seriously, it hardly hurts at all anymore.

I was freakin' busy yesterday. The Monrovia Moms were there, bright and almost early. We had lots of oo-ing and ah-ing over the new Katia "Jamaica" yarn and the accompanying pattern book. And then another student who knew of but hadn't met all the Moms came in. So I had a full table already when a couple of other newish students came in for their fix. The whole day progessed at about the same pace. I was really tired by the time we left at eight.

And then it was time to play with Patrick. He's usually pretty docile, even when we play, but he was ferocious last night. I would not have liked to be his scratching post. I thought he was going to tear it open. I was told that Ragdoll cats do not have a self-defence instinct. I don't think that's entirely true. There was cat hair and carpet fuzz all over the place.

I finally had some time to work a bit on my current sock project. Patrick was sleeping in my chair and was just too sweet and comfortable looking for me to move him. So I sat in his chair until he woke up and decided I looked to sweet and comfortable so he'd better get me to walk him to the kitchen for a couple of nibbles of kibble.

So it was a good, if long, day. I'm glad it's only five hours today. Oh, it rained so hard during the night that it woke me. The sun was out a few minutes ago but it's dark and gloomy right now.

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