Monday, April 11, 2005

Sometimes you're the bug

Sometimes you're the bug!

I could hardly wait to get started on the Grignasco Alpaca that I bought yesterday. I could just see how it was going to look. I cast on and worked the first triangle of the next Zigzag scarf. At that point I could tell that the yarn was way more subtle in the stripe department than I had thought. So I put that aside for a while.

I went with Mendy to A Stitch in Time today. I told her about the alpaca disappointment and she reminded me of some yarn I had in my stash that she thought might work. So I started planning what I would do with that yarn. Make the scarf a little wider. Just need to figure out how more stitches would impact the zigzag.

I didn't buy anything at Stitch in Time. Well I got some Mango Moon needles for the birthday of one of my students but that doesn't really count. The shop has lots of stuff to choose from but it's mostly novelty yarn and I'm more than a little tired of that. But that was okay. You can't always find something that has to come home with you. We went to lunch and had our Evil Jungle Thai Pasta Salad. (That's the only thing I've ever had at this particular restaurant. Why mess with a sure thing?)

So, anyway. I came home and started my laundry and sat down and cast on the stitches for the first triangle. I had figured out how to account for all the extra stitches. And everything was looking pretty good. Then I noticed how much the yarn was pooling and I could tell it was going to be that way the whole length of the scarf. Not what I had in mind. So I ripped that and put it aside. I think I'll try it again with fewer stitches and see what happens.

So I look through some patterns and find a lace rib that I think will be good for that alpaca. I've done a couple of repeats and so far it's okay. Meanwhile I find out that the washing machine isn't going through the whole cycle and my clothes are soaking wet. I didn't tell you that the same thing happened the last time I did laundry. The service people have been out three times and still haven't figured out the problem. I think they're related to the mechanics that work on my car.

So I'm the bug today. But it's okay. I'm enjoying playing around with the pattern and I have plenty of yarn choices if the ones I'm trying don't work out. Oh, I forgot to mention. I went to the market. I had no idea so many people went shopping at Ralph's at six o'clock in the evening.