Saturday, April 23, 2005

Multi-directional as all get-out

Multi-directional as all get-out

My mom used to say things like "He's as something,something as all get-out." I was never sure what the "as all get-out" meant exactly but I got the idea that it was somehow related to extreme or exaggerated behavior. That's kind of how I feel lately.

Not that there's anything odd going on. It's just that I'm involved in more diverse things than I'm really comfortable with. When I'm trying to get to sleep my mind just keeps going over and over all the piddly things I have to do in the next few days. None of them are biggies, just stuff that will keep me from sitting quietly at home and enjoying my knitting time. It should all clear up by the end of next week. And I'm going to try to keep from getting in a similar place.

Anyway. That's the latest multi-directional scarf. I was surprised at how much of the color actually showed up in the photo, even if it is a bit inaccurate. I'm using Kureyon color 51. I like the subtle color shifts (it's as subtle as all get-out) but I'm not sure the receipient will. It's going to be a Christmas gift so I'll have to wait a while to find out.

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