Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Eyelet it happen

Eyelet it happen

It's very hard for me to resist really bad puns.

This is the Eyelet Rib Scarf from the Box of Scarves. Super easy. I added a few more pattern repeats. The yarn is the Grignasco Top Print, 100% alpaca, that I got on Sunday. It's pretty nice but not as soft as I thought it would be. But I'm more used to baby alpaca. I may need to get a couple more skeins. And I definitely need to block this one. It's hard to see the pattern without stretching the scarf open.

The week started with a flock of newbies waiting for help but only one turned out to be a paying student. I did have another student in the afternoon who always pays double, just because she thinks I'm worth it. Isn't that nice? And I have three lined up already for tomorrow. As Ann Mary says, ad infinitum, "Knitting is coming back."

I'm trying to interest people is something a little more challenging that a garter stitch scarf. Hence, the recent spate of scarves using smaller needles and more traditional yarns. Only limited success so far, but I'm pushing.

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