Saturday, April 09, 2005

La Luz

La Luz

That's the name of the yarn I'm using for this Zigzag scarf. It's from Fiesta Yarns.

It's 100% silk. It's incredibly soft and, well, silky. The sensation of it moving through my hands is wonderful. The colors in the actual fiber are much more subtle and varied that what you can see in the photo. There's soft sage, pale salmon and a steely blue/grey that you can't really see here.

The variegated colorway is something new for this yarn. Only the solid colors are shown on the Fiesta Yarn page. Mendy brought this one skein to me from her last trip to visit her dad in New Mexico. (Mendy is very thoughtful, kind and generous. We love her lots and lots.) I'm using a modified version of the Zigzag modular scarf from Art Yarns. I'm not sure how long the scarf will be and there's no yardage label on the one skein. But it'll be long enough. Did I mention how silky this yarn is?

I walked to work yesterday. Right. My car was in for it's bi-weekly visit with the mechanic. Just a little sputtering and nearly cutting out when I was driving to Monrovia on Thursday night. The mechanic couldn't find anything definite that would be causing the problem although he experienced the same phenomenon when he took my car for a long drive. It seems I don't drive enough and don't accelerate as fiercely as the car needs. So I'm supposed to really gun it when I go up the ramp to get on the freeway. And start using a higher, more expensive, grade of gasoline. Gas is already $2.499/gallon for the 87 octane. The next higher grade is another ten cents per gallon. Let me see if I have this right. I'm supposed to drive more, which I don't really need to do, spend more money on fuel and waste it getting on the freeway so my car will run smoothly? I'm not sure I follow.

And in other depressing news. I finally got around to completing my income tax stuff. I'm trying not to think about it. Let's just say that what I owe would have been at least six or maybe seven sweaters. Or ten if I shopped at Michael's. But it's done and electronically transmitted. Pat the Cat was very patient with me while I worked on it, only occasionally coming over to see it I was done yet and would like to play Snake for a while.

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