Saturday, April 17, 2004

Shock and aw!

Nicholas, my faux grandson, is almost fourteen months old. Here he is sitting on the steps of the church where he was baptized. Aw, how cute, eh!

When I got home from Skein I was shocked to find that Patrick was missing. Usually he meets me at the door when I get home so I was a little concerned but thought he must be sleeping somewhere. Nope, no cat. Then I noticed that the screen to the balcony was open. I don't know how he got it open, or if it was left open by accident last night. Fortunately the people who live below me have a metal awning over their patio. He was on the awning, checking out whatever it is that cats check out. The bluebirds have a nest somewhere and they were furious. He was just about to figure out how to get down from the awning. So I went and got a box of treats and rattled them. That was enough to call him back and into the house. He's a ragdoll cat. Ragdolls do not have a defense instinct so they're supposed to be kept indoors. Patrick wouldn't know what to do if he were attacked. He doesn't usually try to get out. I think he's just curious and doesn't realize he's not supposed to go out. I did see him trying to open a cupboard the other day so I guess he's figured out what a door is. Anyway, I've locked the screen now.

It was cold and rainy here today and that brought a lot of people into Skein. I had a record number of students today. No time to sit or knit. There were even a few phone calls from people who wanted me to correct their mistakes. Mistakes that they couldn't even describe. Not all that easy. My favorite solution is "Rip it out and start over." That usually gets their attention and they decide they'd better bring it in. But this time we were able to fix it.

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