Friday, April 23, 2004

Patrick likes his treats. He gets a few every night around 7 o'clock. When he hears me shake the plastic container he comes running from wherever he is. I wasn't home until after eleven last night so I gave him his treats then. This morning he's refusing to eat his regular kibble. I don't know if he doesn't feel well, doesn't like the Science Diet anymore or if he's just trying to manipulate me into giving him some more treats. I think it's the latter. I just opened a bottle of pills, for me, and when he heard the rattling he went bananas. So we'll have to see. He has eaten a few bites of kibble, but begrudgingly.

It wasn't all that busy yesterday at Skein, until just before four when I was getting ready to leave. I did finish the shop sample poncho. TG for that. I may get a photo today, if I don't forget the camera. The yarn I used is nearly gone so we'll try to direct people to some alternatives.

I'm off to wind a couple of skeins of Tahki Cotton Classic to take with me today. I'm starting a cabled pullover that's in their new summer catalog, the same catalog as the poncho pattern. Cotton Classic is one of my favorite yarns. So if it's a quiet today as it was yesterday I should get at least half a sleeve done.

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