Monday, April 05, 2004

Patrick's chair

The fact is, Patrick has his own chair. It's exactly like mine. Two wing chairs that I got when I first moved to Pasadena fourteen years ago. They needed to be reupholstered even before Patrick moved in. He's done such a job on them now that I don't think I'll ever bother. Anyway. I don't like to sit in his chair because the light isn't very good for knitting. Sometimes, in the daylight, I will sit in his chair if he's sleeping in mine. Lisa says Patrick likes to sleep in my chair just because it's mine. That makes me feel good but it doesn't help when it comes to being able to see what I'm doing.

Last night we tried sharing my chair. That worked fine until Patrick got bored and decided to mess with my knitting. I have a big scratch on the back of my hand to prove it. After that I snipped his front claws. He's being somewhat meek today except I've had to swing him around in his favorite plastic box several times just to make him happy. And besides, the chair isn't really big enough for the two of us. Patrick really needs to lose weight!

Two long naps kept me from finishing the birthday socks. And I didn't even work on anything else. Maybe today while I'm riding in the back seat. Going to Velona's and Yarn Lady's with two or three friends from Skein. I'm not planning to buy anything. I hear there are some new sock yarns out there though.

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