Friday, April 09, 2004

Busy, busy day today. It didn't look like it was going to be when I first got to Skein. I was expecting a small group of young girls for a knitting class this afternoon but that was about it.

There were three of them plus the mother of one. It turns out they all knew how to knit except for the mother. And she took to it right away. The girls mostly sat and worked on projects they had already started. They learned at school from one of our favorite customers. And they enjoyed shopping for yarn for their next projects. They're already hooked. Mom brought some cookies since she didn't have any apples.

And at the same time I had another student who already knew most of the basic stuff, just wanted to be sure she had it right. And a couple of others who needed some pattern deciphering.

And the store was jammed.

I now have four pairs of socks in process. But I still have some needles that aren't being used so I may try something else tonight. Or I might turn the heel on my toe up socks. But there's also a cabled pullover in the new Tahki book that looks like it would be fun to make. And I have the yarn in my stash.

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