Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Scarf it up!

It's not as if I had no projects of my own. I have plenty both in the works and in the planning stages. So what am I doing? I'm reknitting a plain ol' scarf for one of my students. It's not plain looking but it's still garter stitch. One strand of Trendsetter Eyelash and one of their Sorbert. She's been working on this scarf since last winter and has made a number of errors both of omission and commission. She had dropped an edge stitch and marked it to be picked up later even though the scarf narrowed noticeably at that point.

I asked her to rip it back and pick up the stitch which she half-heartedly agreed to do. Unfortunately she didn't rip whole rows. So some of the edge stitches were still attached and the yarns were getting almost hopelessly entangled. I couldn't stand it so I took it from her and told her I would fix it. It took a couple of hours over a couple of days to undo the Gordian knot she had created. I actually ended up cutting the yarn off the scarf and straighening it out. Then I ripped maybe seven or eight rows before I found one that looked reasonably correct. I've reknit those and am finishing the scarf with the salvaged yarn. I hope she doesn't have any more yarn at home that she's planning to use. I think I'd better just leave enough yarn to bind off and check with her before I do it. It's a potentially beautiful scarf that's big enough to use as a shawl and I know she has at least $100 tied up in yarn. I don't want her to get discouraged and not finish it as she has with other projects.

When I get this one done I have at least one scarf to knit for my bi-polar student. She got distressed with some yarn she had to have and gave it to me. She's always very generous to me so I will knit the scarf and return it to her. She gave me some more yarn today, two skeins of Trendsetter Vintage, that's she thinks is a jinx to her. This one I'll probably keep for my gift stash. Maybe not.

I'm still working intermittently on the multi-directional scarf. It's so much fun to show it off. I'm about 80% finished with this one and have enough yarn to do one more in the same color way. And there's still the chenille diagonal stitch one that I started a few weeks ago. And the heart motif one from Fiber Trends that I've done one repeat of since I started in back in October.

Patrick, my new pet, seems to be adjusting to his new surroundings. We're getting along very well. I got him some toys today and he played with them this evening, at least until I got tired of retrieving the ball from some place he couldn't reach. His favorite thing to do though is wrestle a bath towel. Still no interest in the yarn or needles. Like a kid, he prefers the bags that things come in.

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