Friday, January 23, 2004

Coming up short

Last night's knit together was the usual barrel of fun. Actually it's the most relaxing time I have all week. And the whole group was there. I tried a new-to-me short row shaping for the current pair of socks. It was more than a minor disaster. It's been ripped and the heel will be the same ol' square heel that I usually do.

I've been on a search for a short row heel that doesn't look like a botched surgical incision. One of these days I will find it and I'll be happy. I haven't tried toe-up socks so I don't know if a short row heel coming from the other direction would be any better looking. I'll have to get a lot more desperate for a short row heel before I try a toe-up sock. But I'm moving in that direction, by default.

I've been so busy with students this week that I've made almost no progress on my goals for the week. At this point it looks like I'll have to settle for not going in the hole. I've had very little at-home time and most of that has been taken up by playing with Patrick and keeping up with all the blogs. It's a tough life sometimes.

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