Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Mail call

I got a genuine, handwritten card a couple of days ago from Clara Parks of Knitters' Review letting me know that someone, a secret friend, is contributing to my trip to the Knitters' Retreat this year. I'm still not sure who the secret friend is, but I've got a pretty good idea. I'm still amazed at what can happen when you put something out "to the universe" and see it materialize. So just as soon as I know who it is, I'll let you know, provided it's okay with my secret friend. Did I tell you how excited I am to be going to this event?

And then, today, I got a package from Bron that contained a clever row counter she created for use with circular needles. I'm not sure if she's marketing these or not but maybe if you asked she could tell you how to get one. So much better than trying to keep track with one of those Katcha-Katcha thingies or ye olde pencil and paper. Thanks, Bron!

I postponed my dental appointment for today so I could go into Skein earlier than usual. The rep from Rowan/Jaeger, Tahki/Stacey Charles was coming in and Ann Mary wanted me to cover the floor while she looked at the new yarns. That was the plan anyway. All she would have to do was go ring up anything I sold. She spent most of the morning ringing up sales. Such a crowd of yarn hungry shoppers. And I had a couple, make that three, students who came in looking for some reassurance and problem solving. Anyway, Ann Mary got to see most of the yarns but it was pretty hurry-up the whole time. Fortunately the TNNA trade show is coming up at the end of the month so she'll have another opportunity to see what's out there. Did you know that pink was supposed to be big this spring?

I had half a lunch at about 2:30 and Ann Mary had hers right after that. We were both a little delirious by then. Things calmed down for a short while after that and then picked up again around 4:30. There were still a couple of shoppers there when I left at a quarter after 6. Business it booming! Who knows how long this knitting craze will continue. You should have seen the "How do you make a scarf" dance routine that the yarn rep did. One of the reps from a different company is predicting no end to the craze. Personally, I think it will last another year or so. I do think we've created a lot of new knitters. And some of them will continue and become more and more expert. I hope so anyway. So long as "fashion" promotes the look knitting will remain a hot item. After that, we'll just have to wait out the cycle.

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