Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Same-oh, same-oh

There's a real scarcity of stuff to blog about. I've finished the first of a pair of socks and am about a quarter of the way through the second one. This is the pair I'm determined to finish this week. The two scarves are also moving along at what I hope is a rate fast enough to get them off the needles by the weekend. I'm starting the "bind off" segment of the multi-directional scarf and I am about half way through the chenille diagonal scarf that I started last month. I'll have some photos when these are done.

If I have time I'll do the gauge swatch and work up the pattern for Robert's sweater. I keep putting this off for some reason, probably because I know it's going to be a long but boring knit. Now that everyone else has been the scarf route I'm finding myself drawn to them. I don't even wear scarves and I don't think Lisa does either, or not often.

At any rate, once I finish this week's projects I'll start another pair of socks. I've been re-reading Folk Socks by Nancy Bush. There are several pairs that I fantasize making but I don't seem to get started. And I like this pattern too. I even have the yarn. I think the main reason I don't knit any of the more intricate socks is that I have so much of the self patterning yarn in my stash. I haven't counted recently but I think I have enough sock stash that I could knit a pair every two weeks for a year. Not that I could stick to that schedule.

And I still have a couple of sweaters that I started for myself early last year, or maybe the year before, that I ought to finish. I like them well enough. I just get side tracked. And there's also the Wave and Shell Shawl that Mendy and I are planning to make as a knit-a-long. We didn't get motivated in time to sign up for Rachael's group.

I really should make a list.

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