Monday, January 26, 2004

Minimal knitting content

I've done some dumb things in my life but this has got to be one of the dumbest. Patrick the cat has a most needy sort of thing going on. He will only eat if I go stand by him long enough for him to get started. So that's not so bad except he likes to eat at about 6:30 every morning. It doesn't seem to matter how much food is in his bowl. He just needs to have someone standing beside him. I talked with his former provider yesterday and she confirmed that he has always been this way. Now I know why she wanted to find him a new home.

Well, the car repair people just called. Seems I might need a new fuel pump. I've already replaced the battery, the temperature sending unit, the shocks and several other items and still the car is acting like it doesn't want to do its job. Maybe I should just have it washed and trade it in. By the time I get through this round of repairs I will have dished out over $3000 in less than six months. Oops! Just got another call and it's going to be even more. I think I'm going to be depressed later on today.

Now for the minimal knitting content. I spent Saturday night swatching for the sweater I'm making for my friend Robert. So I got started with the actual knitting yesterday when I got home from Skein. I worked for five or six hours and finished the ribbing and a couple of inches of the body. The yarn is very textured and is nearly impossible to photograph. I'll try when I have more done. The sweater is a simple raglan pullover but there are a lot of stitches in an extra large sweater.

I didn't quite finish the first sock and made very little progress on the chenille scarf so my goals for last week were not met, except for the swatches for the sweater. But there was some progress. No new goals for this week.

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