Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Another cat picture

Some friends came by on Sunday and while they were here they took this picture. I thought I could "fix" the red-eyed cat but haven't figured that out yet. But I did find this fancy framing feature. Patrick was definitely not amused by the whole process. He is just about to leap on my shoulder and claw his way to freedom. He sulked a long time after my friends left.

It seemed like I had a lot to write about when I was reading this morning. I had lots of time, I thought. Then I remembered an appointment and had to rush off before I'd even finished my daily reads. It does seem like everyone is buried in snow, at least the blogs I read. Well, there are some that aren't but a lot are. It's mostly been in the mid 70s here down to the 40s at night. We did have a little rain last night. But that's about as exciting as it's been. If I had a weather pixie you wouldn't have to be reading this stuff.

Anyway, I had three new students today. One was an absolute tabula rasa, not even any crochet experience. So that was a bit uphill. She'll come back in a couple of days for the purl part. The other two were a mother/daughter combo. The daughter has only been knitting for a few weeks, the mother for years. They wanted to make Lynn H.'s Fast Florida Footies. We had a lot of fun. The daughter really caught on quickly, the mother not so quickly. They're coming back on Friday to pick up where we left off. At the gusset. (Get it?)

And I got some more yarn from the person who gave me the partial skein last week. This time it's two skeins of Lion Brand Fun Fur and one of Plymouth Eros Glitz. I was pretty sure when she showed me what she had purchased that she wouldn't be able to work with it. I think she lasted less than five minutes. The last time she tried similar yarns the same thing happened. I made her a scarf that time but I'm not going to do it this time. I'm not sure what I'll do with it. I'll show it to Lisa and if she likes it I'll make her a scarf. Otherwise it's going to the Thursday night group to see if anyone there can use it.

It looks like I may not get to go to TNNA this weekend. I was hoping to go on Monday so I could meet Clara and catch up with some of the yarn reps I've known over the years. But some scheduling conflicts have occured and I may not be able to go unless we go early on Sunday so I can get back in time to cover the floor at Skein. (Weeping, moaning and gnashing of teeth.)

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