Thursday, November 13, 2003

When it rains

you get snow. We had an enormouselectrical storm last night. Actually it had rained most of the afternoon, just as predicted. But the electrical storm was the high light. I'm sure one bolt passed right through my car as I drove home. And, although we didn't have any here in Pasadena, there was snow and hail on the other side of LA. Some of the hail was deep enough to stop traffic and was over the headlights of some cars.

And continuing the analogy, we were swamped today at Skein. Even during the downpour yesterday, people kept coming in, not just to get out of the rain. I had three people as soon as I sat down. Spent the next four hours just showing people how to do stuff but mostly how to pick up dropped stitches. I do wish beginning knitters would choose more user friendly yarns than they typically do. And that they wouldn't wait until they've totally botched it before coming in for help. Sixty stitches of wiggling railroad yarn is not a pretty sight when you're trying to pick up a dropped stitch six rows below. Let them knit Encore!

But I relaxed tonight with friends at the Thursday night knit together. Feeling restored after a nice shoulder rub and some pie and ice cream. And I made more progress on the poncho. I'm up to about sixty percent. As soon as my schedule and some daylight coincide I'll try to get a picture.

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