Saturday, November 01, 2003

Rabbit! Rabbit!


Seems like I just can't very excited about my knitting right now. Maybe it's because I'm trying really, really hard to stick to one project at a time and I'm beginning to feel like I'm being punished. Or maybe it's because working six days a week is beginning to pall. Whatever it is, it's tedious.

We had rain yesterday. The sky this morning is almost totally clear. The sun is bright and the air is crisp.

I didn't even see any trick or treaters last night. There was a Halloween event at the Four Square church at the end of my street. Looked a little pathetic when I drove by on my way home. I hope things picked up later. I don't know anyone at that church but I like the way they try to offer alternatives to people in the neighborhood. They have a weekend club called No Future for the teenagers that appears to be well attended.

Well, I'd better go work on those sleeves. I'd rather start something new but I won't. Rules, you know.

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